What watch repair services do you provide?

Watch Central provides Watch Overhaul, Partial Watch Repair, Water Resistance Testing and Water Resistance Treatment, PVD Coating, and other standard watch repair services such as battery, strap, crystal, replacement, refinished dials, polishing, and anything else that might go wrong with your watch. If you would like an estimate to repair your watch then please feel free to give us a call (link) or complete our repair submission form here.

Call us with any questions you have at +1 (212) 730-4631 or e-mail info@watchcentral to talk to us.


What brands do you service?

At Watch Central we specialize in the repair and maintenance of Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Phillippe watches along with a wide variety of luxury watch brands listed here. Additionally, we will be happy to service most watch brands should have any watch repair or maintenance needs.

How can I receive an estimate?

If you are a walkin customer at Watch Central, we will do our best to provide you with an estimate while you wait, however on occasion may need to call you at a later time with pricing regarding your repair. If you mail in your watch for an estimate we will provide you with an estimate for your watch repair via email. Please ensure oyu provide both your email and phone number to Watch Central upon mailing in your request for repair.

What is your average turnaround time?

Typically the average turnaround time at Watch Central is two weeks starting from time of estimate approval from our customers. with exception to complicated cases or overhauls which can take 4-6 weeks from the time of estimate approval as we must conduct the appropriate quality control checks. During some months of the year we do receive a higher volume and so this turnaround time can vary, however our staff of experienced watchmakers will provide you with a turnaround time that is as accurate as possible when providing you with your quote for watch repair services.

What warranty do you offer?

Watch Central offers a one year warranty on watch repair services provided. If you have any questions call +1 (212) 730-4631 or email us at info@watchcentral.com

What Payment Options do you accept?

Watch Central is proud to accept all major credit cards, Pay with Amazon, certified bank checks and wire transfers, as well as other options. For speed and security, we recommend that all orders be placed with a credit card.

Do you engrave?

Watch Central is happy to provide engraving services as long as the watch provides for enough room on the back of the watch case.