Our mission at Watch Central is to repair luxury watches while providing the highest caliber of customer care and watch services.

Watch Central is your complete source for pre-owned luxury watch service. We are here to help you keep your luxury watch functioning at its highest level possible with overhaul, repair, water testing and treatment services.



Watch Central was established in 1998 by Alex Vileshin. At the age of 15 Alex became a watchmaker’s apprentice and discovered he had a natural talent for the trade. Later at the age of 17, Alex immigrated to New York from Lithuania and was hired by Tourneau, the largest authorized watch dealer in the United States. During his 15 year career with Tourneau, Alex was trained in Switzerland by several watch factories and luxury watch specialists. Taking this knowledge back to NYC, he greatly improved upon customer service and operations as a Service Manager. Alex transformed the business for Tourneau and developed a highly successful service center adding services and value for customers daily.

Alex later began his own watch repair services company with the sole focus being to provide honest and helpful support to customers who trust him with their prized luxury watches. He has staffed his team with watchmakers who truly love working with watches and in partnership closely with Alex. As a result of integrity and highly ethical business practices, Watch Central has enjoyed decades of new and repeat customers.



Core Beliefs


Our passion is relentless. We do not accept anything but our best, every single day, whether we are servicing beloved luxury watches or serving our customers.PEOPLE


People are at the heart of everything we do and we put them first, always. From our watchmakers, to our clients, we always act with their best interest in mind.


Much like the movement of the watches we love so much, our belief is to deliver nothing less than the most precise service to our clients.