Watch Central is widely known for its reputation for polishing delicate luxury watches to impeccable, condition comparable to factory quality. We inspect each timepiece we receive thoroughly and handle them carefully during the watch polishing process. Dullness, scratches, and other signs of daily or periodic usage will be reduced greatly if not eliminated in our capable hands.

Watch Central offers a one year warranty on watch repair services provided. If you have any questions call +1 (212) 730-4631 or email us at

Mailing in your watch for repair? Learn how to ship-in your watch repair to Watch Central 

Looking to have your watch polished? Obtain a quote for watch polishes. Please provide us with as much information about your watch as possible by completing the form below. Be sure to include the brand and model of the watch as well as the nature of the repair or issue with your piece. We Will contact you within one business day with a follow up and a quote.