As most of you know probably already know, a key component of extending the life of your luxury watch is keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule. Routinely servicing your prized timepiece allows a watchmaker to, among other things, inspect the movement’s performance, replace or repair any broken components, and check the watch’s water resistance. However, one question that often comes up among luxury watch owners is if it is better to send a watch for servicing to an official service center or to an independent watch repair facility. While some may be more comfortable relying on an official center, we’re here to highlight the main benefits of depending on a qualified independent watch service center instead.


Qualified Independent Watch Repair Centers Offer Personalized Service


By nature, independent watch repair centers operate on a smaller scale than watch manufacture service centers. Authorized service centers, particularly the large ones in major cities, receive countless timepieces on a daily basis. As a result, it’s easier to build a long-term relationship with an independent watchmaker than reps from an authorized service center.


An independent watchmaker can quickly learn and understand your preferences about watch maintenance and can therefore offer more personalized services. For instance, it’s standard operating procedure at many authorized service centers to replace old components of a watch with modern parts—even on special vintage timepieces. However, with an independent watchmaker, you can simply outline exactly what you want and specifically mention what you don’t want to happen during watch servicing.





Qualified Independent Watch Repair Centers Will Service Modified Watches


Many official watch brand service facilities will not service a watch that has been modified in any shape or form. On the other hand, independent watchmakers most certainly will.

So if you’ve altered your luxury watch somehow, whether by adding gems, applying a PVD coating, or anything else, then an independent watch repair center is the way to go.



Qualified Independent Watch Repair Centers Are More Cost Efficient


Without a doubt, the biggest complaint that people have with using an authorized service center is the cost to get routine maintenance. In fact, many luxury watch owners simply don’t want to send their timepieces in for servicing for fear of a big bill. Yet, a lack of proper servicing will eventually lead to bigger problems (and consequently, larger fees) with a watch down the line.


With fewer overheads to consider, independent watch repair centers are able to offer significantly lower prices than authorized centers for the same quality of service. Also, with authorized repair centers, your watch will most likely change hands several times, thus requiring additional labor costs. Conversely, at an independent center, it’s normally just one or two specialists that will take care of your watch from start to finish.





Qualified Independent Watch Repair Centers Have Faster Turn Around Times

Aside from price, another common grievance against authorized service centers is how long it can take to repair or service a watch. There are several factors that can contribute to this, including the sheer number of watches ahead of you in line, as well as the fact that each step has to be completed by a different employee before the watch can go on to the next phase. Qualified independent watch maintenance centers can typically service a watch using fewer people and in a shorter amount of time.






Qualified Independent Watch Repair Centers Can Repair A Wide Range of Brands

If you have several luxury watches in your collection from different watch brands, then you can send them all to just one location when dealing with a qualified independent repair center. We’re sure you’ll agree that this is more convenient, cost-effective, and faster than sending each watch to its respective authorized center.



Just make sure that the independent center that you’ve selected is experienced in dealing with a wide range of brands and that they are specialized in luxury watches.

If you have a high-end timepiece (or a few) that needs some maintenance or repair, then the team at Watch Central would be happy to help. While we’re based in New York City, we can assist anyone in the country thanks to our convenient ship-in service. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

September 13, 2018 by Celine Simon.

Photography by Aleksandra Krosniak



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